This is one of the more unique systems we've designed and installed. Besides the usual front perspective, this system is viewed from the top and ends. When aquascaping these perspectives were taken into consideration as well as internal reflection so aquascaping can be seen from just about all angles.  Because of the unique requirements of this setup we custom designed and built the LED fixtures. Fixtures are recessed ~5' above and ~2' in front of the aquarium.  Overflow and returns are hidden in the aquascaping in front of the mangroves.


This system is our oldest started in 1992. We've been taking care of it since 1995.



Elvis is one of our oldest fish. He's a Sailfin Tang, Zebrasoma veliferum, and when purchased in 1994 was about 5" long with an estimated age 3-6 years old. Sadly, he was lost in the 2021 freeze.


500 gallon mixed reef system.


Among our accomplishments are fish growing older than their wild counterparts like this Lemon Peel Angel, Centropyge flavissima, purchased in 2004 and at the time of this video was 14. (Wild Centropyge species angels have documented life expectancies of less than 10 years.)




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